Best Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Earphones in India

  • Post last modified:May 21, 2021

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth Earphones come with built in mic and powerful 20 hours of battery backup when fully charged.  The earphone equipped with Warp Charge technology lets you enjoy 10 hours your favourite music with just 10 minutes of charging. Why we are saying it the Best Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Earphones in India. Read on.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z has very convenient features like Quick Switch, Quick Pair and Magnetic Control. All this makes the listening experience to your music on your Bullets Wireless Z neckband earphone a whole new acoustic.

Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones in India 2020
  • Very powerful battery backup
  • Water and sweat resistant, IP55 certification
  • Suitable to use during workouts and around water
  • Charge for 10 minutes and enjoy 10 hours of music play
  • 20 hours of play time with full charge
  • 20 minutes of full charging time
  • Easy to use and play around, magnetic control
  • Perfect sound package for the price

Read on why it is the Best Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Earphones in India

Succeeding the OnePlus 8 and the Bullet Wireless 2, which have been greatly loved by million of users, the company has added another exciting model in its league of earphones. The company launched its newly developed wireless earphones, the OnePlus Bullet Wireless in May this year. This is by has been the cheapest earphones by OnePlus anywhere in the world.

No surprise! The buzz in the marketplace is at a very decibel. The lovers of the brand never cease to create the clamor.

OnePlus has all the time come up with the quality product. As usual, this time also it has put the OnePlus Wireless Z earphones on the shelves at a very affordable price. We are sure, you will never miss the quality and style at a good price.

Indeed, as an end user, we always look for quality products at cheap price. Getting a product of our choice at affordable price is always a great thing. This is exactly what OnePlus’s marketing strategy is. By throwing the OnePlus Wireless Z, the company is strategically trying hold its old clients and add new customer in its audio department.  

Through this article, we will try and decode how the company has succeeded to significantly reduce its price. The company has reduced the price of the Bullet Wireless Z by over 50% as compared to the cost of its predecessor, OnePlus Wireless 2.

We will also try and  find out what the users have to expect. In addition, we will also look at whether there are any compromise playing on the gallery.  

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Design and Build of OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z

The design and build of the headset is good and sturdy. But if you look at the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z and it outgoing sibling, OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2, they look more or less identical. There is no major change in designing and engineering.

The later model ca be differentiated by a small change in color tone and new OnePlus logo on the neckband. This how you will get to see that it is surely a new headset in its Z series.

When we talk about color tone, we mean the absence of red rings on the back of the earbuds. Apart from this, the earbuds of OnePlus Wireless Z are constructed with metallic material. On the contrary, the Bullet Wireless 2 is purely designed and made up of plastic material. But, at the first look, it is very difficult to differentiate which you are holding on your hand.

We don’t much care about in the similarity in the design and look. Our focus is on comfort and quality. By comparison, Bullet Wireless 2 are certainly better earphones, so as the price.

Construction of earphones with rubber material made them neither very thick nor very heavy around the neck. The volume control button on the left cable was easy to use and operate.

But there are small flaws also that have been carry forwarded. We cannot afford to ignore to mention these flaws for our readers. The device has soggy buttons on the remote. There are tiny LED lights on the remote control. This makes it pretty difficult to make out whether the earphones are charging or in pairing mode.

One of the major advantages on the part of the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z is that it is IP55 certified. This means these earphones are water and sweat proof. This means also and assurance that you can use your earphones during workouts and in rai without much to worry about.

There are other useful features which have been retained with Bullet Wireless Z. The earphones have USB Type C charging port. We were quite impressed with its long lasting powerful battery life and fast charging feature. We managed to charge the earphones fully in 20 minutes. Moreover, you charge for 10 minutes and enjoy for 20 minutes of play time. 20 hours of battery backup is just amazing.

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Good Sound Quality offered by OnePlus Wireless Z at Affordable Price Range

The Bullet Wireless Z earphones offer decent sound in the price range. We were quite satisfied with the sound quality given by the Z headsets. However, we also listened to music with the Bullet Wireless Z and Bullet Wireless 2 side by side. This made us feel the difference between the two in terms of sound quality.

The sound thrown by Bullets Wireless 2 more refined and better than what the Bullets Wireless Z is offering. Indeed, the price of former is also twice the later. But tuning with your new earphones is more exciting because of its price.

The Bullets Wireless Z comes with bass-driven sound. This is very common in almost all earphones with low end price range. The sub-200Hz region has received a healthy boost but the mid-bass isn’t quite as appealing. The rumbling sound produced by the device make us feel that the bass could have been added in a better way. It would have made the sound more balanced.  

We also found the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z features a single driver setup, with one 9.2mm driver in each earbud. This certainly below par the its predecessor Wireless 2. The Wireless 2 features more balanced armature driver and dynamic driver on each side as compared to the Z earbuds.

In addition to the above the Wireless Z doe not support the aptX codec. This defeats its sound quality by earlier earphones in the league of Bullet Wireless. We also missed the some details of sound to some extent because of the absence of aptX support.But it still has a very good drive and well pronounced bass.

When we used the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z as a hands-free headset for calls, sound quality was quite good. But caller indeed faced some distraction with to hear the voice even with good reception. That again wasn’t a big issue. The low-latency mode is functional with very little loss in sound quality.

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Given the price range, the Bullets Wireless Z are the best wireless earphones we have in our shopping cart. These are well-designed, comfortable, and have quite a few convenient features. They also come with IP55 certification which means these are sweat water-resistance.

This ensures that when you go for a run or want to listen to music around water, you can use your headphones with no worry.

Having had a light monetary weight in your pocket and decent quality, you must keep Bullets Wireless Z on top of your shopping list.

Do you think it is the Best Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Earphones in India? Leave a comment.


  • Look and feel of design is good
  • USB Type-C charging port,
  • Fast charging, powerful battery life
  • Useful Quick Switch feature


  • Expected, should have had aptX support
  • Detailed sound not up to the mark

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