Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera in India 2020 Review

Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera in India 2020 Review
  • Post last modified:June 4, 2021

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The Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera is yet another enthusiast (many may also call it semi-enthusiast) level DSLR camera in its club of DSLR. 

It is lightweight and comes with 24.2Megapixel sensors and 45 points autofocus points, which are all cross type. The camera features pretty impressive Dual Pixel Autofocus, nice external controls, built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth connectivity.


  • 24.2 Megapixel count
  • 45 cross type autofocus points
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Dual pixel CMOS autofocus
  • ISO range of 100-25,600
  • DIGIC 7 image processing engine
  • Shutter speed of 1/4,000 seconds 

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The camera is also aimed at beginners with some advanced features as its target users when they master the art over a course of time. The EOS 77D occupies the place in between the EOS 80D sitting above it and the EOS 800D sitting below. As far as features are concerned, both the EOS 77D and the EOS 800D share more or less similar features. The EOS 800D doesn’t have secondary LCD display.

Let’s find out what the Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera has for you as a semi-enthusiast or rather enthusiast DSLR user.

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Key Features and Specifications of Canon : EOS 77D DSLR Camera

Effective Pixels24MP effective pixels counts
SensorAPS -C CMOS Sensor with dual pixel autofocus
Display3-inch full HD display with touchscreen functionality
BatteryLithium ion battery
VideoFull HD video recording at 1920×1080
ConnectivityBuilt-in Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth connectivity
Dimension131 x 100 x 76 mm
Weight540 gm
ISO range100-25,600, expandable to 51,200
Sensor size22.3 x 14.9 mm
Lens mountCanon EF/EF-S lenses
Shutter speed30-1/4000 sec
Image formatJPEG, RAW
PortsMini HDMI, Microphone
ProcessorDIGIC 7 processing engine

Design and Build of Canon : EOS 77D DSLR Camera

As an end user I like my camera look beautiful in my hand when I start shooting. This where comes the question of design and build of a device. The Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera designed with plastic body. To make sure that the camera doesn’t slip out of your hand when you hold it, the device is provided with rubber grip on either side of your palm and at the back of your thumb.

Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera in India 2020 Review

We found the design and build of the camera is pretty good. By comparison, it is lighter than its sibling the EOS 80D. One thing we really wanted but missed with the unit is that it doesn’t have weather protective sealing. However, it was nice to see that we could handle light drizzle with the camera without much of a concern.

All buttons are very well placed within the reach of your finger and thumb. The remote control terminal, microphone port, HDMI port and Mini USB port are placed under the flap on the left side of the camera. We have also found the NFC contact point there. The power switch in the camera is very handy because it allows you to jump to the video mode right away.

The Canon EOS 77D comes with the mode dial with locking system and this is placed on the top left of the camera. The optical viewfinder of the camera uses pentameter to get light from the lens to the viewfinder. Pentaprism would have been much heavier and tough task to use.

While playing around with the camera, we found that the Canon EOS 77D has hot shoe terminal and built-in pop-up flash sitting just below the viewfinder. Bringing the camera closer to your eyes will turn the LCD display off by the infrared sensor.

Coming to the aperture offered by the EOS 77D, it is the hole inside the camera lens that lets you focus on your subject to have clarity. Wide or low number aperture will give a very small focal length. This lets you focus your camera on only a small part of your subject.

 The 18-135mm EFS lens coming with the camera has built-in image stabiliser, aperture of f/3.5-5.6. It also has switch to lock the lens when you are not using it.

With the Canon EOS 77D you have two LCD display, primary and secondary. With secondary LCD, you will have a option to check settings such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth status and battery status.

While shooting, we found the set of buttons like for live view, AF-on etc. at the right of the viewfinder coming really handy.  You will also have second control dial with the camera with four way navigation pad. There is a multi function lick switch at the bottom of the second dial that lets you lock primary or secondary touchscreen.

The EOS 77D gives you an articulating 3-inch LCD with 1040K dot resolution. Another feature that looks very impressive is that it supports two finger multitouch input and you can use touch control to change settings and view pictures.

The camera with 45 cross type autofocus points and face detection pixels lets you continuously switch between subjects when you are shooting video. This is great advantage by comparison with many other DSLR’s which depend on contrast detection AF system alone. But we must also need to endorse the fact that with maximum video recording at 1080p at 60fps, the device seems below par our expectation.

We cannot also shift away our focus from good improvements that have been made with the Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera. The “Guided Mode” feature with the camera lets you have visual representation of a kind of shot you expect. By adjusting aperture and setting it on priority mode during shooting, you can see the kind of effect you can have with your exposure.

The device has just the right sort of creative filter option on the mode dial with which you can add effects like soft focus, fish-eye and so on to your images. You have the Custom Functions option placed in the menu, you can use to access expanded ISO mode that go up to the level of 51,200, adjust exposure level, etc.

Performance of Canon : EOS 77D DSLR Camera

When we start talking the performance of the DSLR camera, the first thing that comes to our mind is the ISO. The ISO is the standard that measures the performance of any DSLR in terms of its capability to handle noise when ISO level is bumped up. This also means that how the camera performs in different light conditions, especially in poor or weak light.

We also need to understand that the ISO value and shutter speed move together. Meaning to say when ISO is increased one level up shutter speed also follows the suit. With the Canon 77D your hands are tied when it comes to adjustment of stops. Our user experience shows, when taking shot at the ISO level of 800, there was no noticeable difference between the image shot at 800 and 100 ISO.

To see the capability of the camera to handle noise, we further increased the ISO value to 3200. Even then we did not notice noise in the image, though there was a little decline in sharpness. That is perfectly fine.

Test of the performance of the EOS 77D did not end here. This time we pushed the ISO to next level i.e. at 6400. Yes, at this level we did see a bit of noise where the subject has its shadow. We are pretty impressed by the performance of the camera even at the highest level of ISO. However, there was some loss of details in the image. Still there was no loss of natural color and tone in the image.

We found the power lever button of the Canon EOS 77D a little stiff and rough. But when using the camera, we did not find any other major issues. Yes, one major disadvantage that might go against the device is it does not have headphone socket. But that too might be a matter of concern only if you want to use the camera for high end video recording.

The Canon Connect app for Android and iOS comes handy when you are taking up a project in remote shooting and transferring image of video files over to your smartphone or other compatible devices. There is a dedicated Wi-Fi button in the camera that lets you toggle last paired devices or set up connection to Wi-Fi printer, or a cloud service through the Canon iMAGE Gateway.

With the Canon EOS 77D, you a bundle of creative filters you can play around and enjoy fun. For example you have HDR art standard that gives you HDR photo by combining 3 consecutive exposures. Grainy B/W effect is pretty beautiful as per our experience.

The performance of the camera has been pretty impressive in weaker light also. We could well maintain the details in the image and noise well under control, even when ISO was set to Auto mode. While shooting fast moving subjects, the burst mode provided with the EOS 77D DSLR Camera seemed inadequate. We went on shooting in daylight, there also we did get good image with great details and right color and tone. That’s great.

We really need to appreciate that the camera has Dual Pixel Autofocus feature. We believe this feature has accelerated its video producing capabilities. Touchscreen and image stabilization are great features offered by the DSLR. With touchscreen functionality, we shift focus while shooting and image stabilization lets us produce stable footage even if frames get resized to certain extent.

We found the camera comes with good battery life that gives you approx. 600 shots per single charge. However, we may also let our viewers know that if you have activated your camera’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, performance of the camera with the battery may come down a little.


The Canon EOS 77D comes with few good additional features, such as Dual Pixel Autofocus, Guided Mode, better ISO when shooting in low light conditions. One may well argue that the camera does not have 4K video. But by comparison, we found this piece delivers greater satisfaction to the end users.

The EOS 77 has pretty much impressed us by its performance in terms of ISO, video recording, image quality, battery life, user-friendless and so on. If you are little conservative and consider it little expensive, EOS 800D could be better option which has more or less similar features and would serve you your purpose.

Overall, it’s a well built and well designed camera. We are impressed with Live View performance and Dual Pixel Autofocus functionality. On the hind side, optical viewfinder and absence of 4K video might be considered as limitations by few of you. But the Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera makes it a complete package for enthusiast photographer and deserves to have a look.


  • Good design and build
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Good battery life
  • Impressive ISO performance
  • User friendly
  • Autofocus has a very good speed.


  • Absence of 4K video
  • Slow burst mode shooting
  • Absence of headphone socket

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