Buy Honor Smart Band 5 Health and Fitness Tracker India 2020

Buy Honor Smart Band 5 Health and Fitness Tracker India 2020
  • Post last modified:May 21, 2021
Honor Smart Band 5 Health and Fitness Tracker India 2020
  • Smart Music & Volume Controls
  • Multiple Sports Modes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Multiple Watch Faces, Remote Control Camera
  • Tracking oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring
  • 14 days battery life gives uninterrupted performance
  • 384 KB RAM, 1 MB ROM, 8M PSRAM, 32 MB Flash

In the fast-paced digital world Huawei has brought Honor Smart Band 5. The Honor Smart Band 5 features full color display, 50meter water resistance, advanced touch screen and home button control mechanism

The smart music and volume controls in the device gives you all options to change song, adjust volume on click of button. Enjoy your workout freely without any hassle. Even more interesting feature is its Multiple Sports Modes. The multiple sports modes feature is perfect for tracking outdoor and indoor activities. It supports outdoor and indoor running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming and other exercises.

For the health conscious people, the Honor Smart Band 5 serves as ultimate health and wellness tracking gadget. With the TruSeen you can have  24-hour accurate real-time heart rate monitoring and warnings system.

The multiple watch faces feature of the device is amazing. With Honor Smart Band 5 Health and Fitness Tracker, you have attractive watch face store with cool, switchable watch faces. These are suitable in every setting at home, on an outing, in the office, or at the gym. A clear and natural interface with bold, eye catching designs.

The peripheral capillary oxygen saturation or SpO2 estimates amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.  The SpO2 monitor of Honor Smart Band 5 helps you easily track saturation level of oxygen in the bloodstream. This comes handy when you would like to see how your body does adapt during workouts.

The Trusleep feature of the Honor Smart Band 5 lets you have real-time monitoring and analysis of sleeping heart rate and breathing, for sleep quality tracking. It correctly identifies six common sleeping problems with its AI feature. It gives you 200 personalized sleep quality assessments and suggestions for sounder, healthier sleep.

Application of supplicated water resistant technology with the device is great. You need not worry that it would get damaged because of water flowing into the engine of the devices. You can freely take bath, swim with the smart device wearing in your wrist.

The fitness tracking system of the device is fantastic. As it comes with swim stroke recognition and water resistance, you can enjoy swimming in the pool with style on your wrist. The built-in six-axis sensor of the device automatically recognizes different swimming stroke. It recognizes freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. And also records swimming speed, distance, calories and so on.

Smart Assistant with the Honor Smart Band 5 lets you preview reminders and message control. Just wear your smart device on your wrist enable the phone finder function. You can automatically track missed calls and respond instantly.

With its powerful up to 14 days battery backup, you never get stopped with its performance. You don’t need to charge the device frequently. It gives you long lasting performance with a single charge.  

Huawei Health-App compatible with Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.o or later devices. Every details of your activity are stored in the app database. You can download the data at any point to analyze and assess your fitness and wellness. You are better at managing your band and fitness regime with the app.


With all powerful features and stylish looking, Honor Smart Band 5 Health and Fitness Tracker seems to have a good value for money for me. The powerful 14 days batter backup never lets you feel down with its performance. Every bits and piece of information relating to your activities is stored in its Huawei Health-App.

It has multiple watch faces, multimode activity tracker-indoor as well s outdoor. Heart rate tracking mechanism pops up warning message on how your heart is performing. Swimming stroke recognizing system is another beautiful feature to identify different stroke and so on.

In my opinion, it would make a perfect companion for the budget buyer. If you really don’t want spend heavily and yet want style, quality and performance, this is the best buy in the category of fitness and wellness tracker. Just fit the band on your wrist and make your style statement.

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