Buy SClout M4 Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Band in India 2020

SClout M4 Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Band in India 2020
  • Post last modified:May 21, 2021

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I have written a lot on many health and fitness tracker band available to buy. Today I will be writing about the SClout M4 Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Band in India 2020 health fitness tracker band. I am sure you would like to keep a watch on your health and keep it monitoring. To make it easy for you, I have come with this device. Surely, this article will help you to make informed decision.

SClout M4 Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Band in India
  • Large and slim HD screen display
  • Water resistance technology
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Footstep counter-pedometer
  • Blood Pressure & Oxygen Monitoring,
  • Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Monitoring
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram alert
  • Flexible and solid silicon strap
  • Remote camera shooting, stopwatch

Health is a very important part of our lives. But for one reason or the other we all might not keep a close watch on our health. This way we really don’t keep tracking our health status on regular interval. Lack of time and resources to monitor our health related activities and fitness may aggravate all or certain health issue on a long run. This needs to be taken care of at the earliest.

If you are missing to keep tracking of your health and fitness, you are not alone. In a pursuit to scale greater height and remain at least a mile ahead of peer and competitor, there are million on the same boat. Now the question is, is it possible to keep monitoring your health and keep a close watch all the time with no assistance? Perhaps impossible. You need health or fitness manager or assistant, yea!

I know, many of you wish to have health and fitness manager or an assistant who would alert you on regular interval. But then it is also not possible for everyone to have those who would remind you of your activity. So, what would be an ideal option that will get this job for you? Let us find out.

I have promised at the introductory paragraph, I would talk about SClout M4 Bluetooth Waterproof Smart health and fitness tracker Band. The SClout M4 water Proof Coating that protects it from being damaged because of water and sweat.

With this modern and stylish band on your wrist, you in full control of your health status. He devices is designed to monitor your heart rate round the clock and alert you. Blood pressure and oxygen monitoring features help you keep a watch on your blood pressure and supply of oxygen in your blood stream.

To help yourself keep healthy, the health and fitness tracker band comes with footsteps counter or the pedometer. The footsteps counter or the pedometer counts the number of steps you have walked in an hour. When you know this number, you in a position to decide how many more steps you need to take to complete your walk cycle. This is also an indication that you have completed the required steps.

The sedentary reminder with the smartwatch will remind you if you have not completed the steps or walked less in during the set time interval. So you could walk around and complete your walk. Walking is very good and keeps everyone fit and healthy. Sleep monitoring system helps you track sleeping posture, time and so on. This would help you plan and have sound sleep.

The SClout M4 health and fitness tracker band comes with 0.96inch large HD display and slim and light weight design. The design looks pretty durable and made for perfect and comfortable fit. The silicon straps looks very solid and flexible and give more comfort for wearing.

Now you have SClout M4 wireless Bluetooth smart band. Get it connected with your smartphone. This will keep you stay connected with your social media network. You get instant notifications and alerts from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. You can read messages and receive call notification directly on your wrist and alerts.


The SClout M4 wireless Bluetooth smart band is a very good option for budget buying. It has all the great features that any high-end smart band has. The heart monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring features keep you on top of your health and fitness status.

The smart band has over 7 days of battery life. Sedimentary reminder keeps updated and reminds you on footsteps counts. Instant notifications from social media network is liked by many users. Now read messages, receive call on your wrist with SClout M4 wireless Bluetooth smart band.

So, guys have got one stylish smart band for self or for your friend as yet? Le us have your take.

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