Buy Sketchfab Fitness Band for Boys and Girls India 2020

Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls India 2020
  • Post last modified:May 21, 2021

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When you have super busy schedule everyday, you might just miss to keep a watch on your health and fitness. To keep a close watch on your health and fitness and get instant status, you surely need a device that gets the work done for you. Yes, we are talking about Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band. The Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls gives instant health status by monitoring your activity.

Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls India
  • Multiple physical activity tracking
  • Automatic real time heart rate tracking
  • Automatic sleep quality tracking
  • Helps to adjust healthier lifestyle
  • Alarm clock on your wrist to wake up
  • Instant to receive calls and SMS
  • Stay connected to Social Media Services
  • Reminder for calls, messages, important dates
  • Better monitoring with stopwatch and camera control
  • Powerful battery backup upto 10 days

Why do you need a good fitness tracker band or do you really need one? That is the one question any one can have on the back of the mind. I personally had the same question prior to having seen the one my office colleagues wearing smart fitness band on his wrist.

The day I saw the stylish wrist band on my colleague’s wrist made curious to understand the functionality and real advantage of having one. My curiosity further increased study the features and benefits offered by the smart health and fitness tracker band. Yes, because one small device had a complete package of health and fitness tracking algorithm defined.

Well, the answer to the question is very well settled now !

The Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls is such a complete package. This lets you track your activity and monitor your health closely.

Technology has not only brought growth and development in people’s lives, it has also changed their lifestyle to a great extent. Therefore, many health issues are biproduct of lifestyle. In the pursuit of achieving unscalable targets and meeting deadlines, many of us may become carefree to our health.

In these pressure cooker situations, it also imperative to keep good health. How can this be done? This can be done by keeping a close watch on your health and fitness. Thanks to Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Tracker Band. The band lets you track your whole days activities. These activities include number steps, distance covered, kilometer walked, calories burned and so on.

The multi sports mode feature supports cycling, climbing, workout and may other games tracking. It is indeed a very good feature. With this feature, you are total control of physical activities. For the fitness frenzy people, this becomes a perfect camaraderie. You love and enjoy it.

Another very important feature is heart rate and sleep monitoring technology used with the Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Tracker Band. The device is beautifully designed to automatically track real time heart rate on regular interval.     

The sleep monitoring feature lets you track your sleep duration. The analyses of sleep quality and consistency is very helpful to adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle. Not only that, the alarm clock functionality of the band secretly wakes you up. Its vibration on your wrist a good call to remind you to wake up while family members are having sound sleep.

With the Smart Health and Fitness watch on your wrist, you will never miss calls, SMS, Social Media notifications. The smart watch vibrate on your wrist to instantly remind you of incoming calls, important dates marked on calendar and so on. It helps you always stay connected with all important information.

If you are sitting idle for a long time, the band automatically senses the inactivity. Therefore, you are instantly alerted to take a break and make some kind of movement. The stopwatch and camera control features really amazing. Everything is tracked in the digital watch.

The Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls comes with powerful battery life. The device can run for around 10 days with a single charge and the charging very quick. This smart watch is compatible with Android version 4.4 and above. For iOs, it requires 7.1 or above.

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The Sketchfab Smart Health and Fitness Band for Boys and Girls comes all features that make complete style statement. It has stopwatch and camera control features. Automatic real time heart rate and sleep monitoring features are great and very important.

The battery backup of the device will never let you feel drained out. It can run upto 10 days in a single charge.

Our Take : This is a good buy considering a budget product with all quality and features that any expensive digital watch may have. Wear your style on your wrist and make a statement and let your friend envy you. 

So, guys have you got one for yourself or gifted to your friends? Let’s have your take and what your friends have to say about it.

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