10+ Best Wireless Earbuds in India 2023 – Top 11 Must Buy True Wireless Earbuds

  • Post last modified:June 2, 2023

We tested these top wireless earbuds. Are these the best wireless earbuds India is talking about, Let’s explore their exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and advanced features that enhance your audio experience on the go.

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Top Selling Wireless Earbuds | Buy on Amazon

Wireless earbuds are around for quite sometime. But they are now your best friends accompanying you for jogging, working out in the gym, listening music or taking calls. I know you love to have the best earbuds of all. Check out my collection of the Best Wireless Earbuds in India that helps you decide. 

I comprehensively talked about the neckband earphones. And one may also have a common opinion that one overrides the another. It’s also a common understanding that wireless earphones cannot match the quality of the overhead or over ear headphones. In my opinion neither is true.

This poor opinion and claim collapses when you get the earbuds with improved transmission standard and battery technology. In my previous  few articles, I extensively have written on some over-ear headphones and their features and functionality. But I don’t see earbuds any longer on downsides.

If you do not feel like going further down and quickly get one for yourself or that someone you love the most. Pick one from the collection below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds with Mic

  • Playtime: 28 Hours
  • Sound: Balanced Sound
  • USP:Noise Cancellation/Affordable
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realme Techlife Buds T100 with Fast Charging & up to 28 Hours Playback

  • Playtime: 28 Hours
  • Sound: Real HD Sound
  • USP:HD Sound/Affordable
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Noise Buds VS402 Truly Wireless Earbuds with 35-Hours of Playtime

  • Playtime: 35 Hours
  • Sound: Noise Cancelling
  • USP:Environment Noise Cancellation/Affordable
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OPPO Enco Buds Bluetooth True Wireless in Ear Earbuds(TWS)

  • Playtime: 35 Hours
  • Sound: Groovy Sound
  • USP:Low Latency
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Boult Audio Maverick Earbuds with 35H Playtime(TWS)

  • Playtime: 35 Hours
  • Sound: Gaming Sound
  • USP:Best for Gaming
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realme Techlife Buds T100 Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 28 Hours
  • Sound: Real HD Sound
  • USP:Environmental Noise Cancelling
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Sony WF-C500 Truly Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 20 Hours
  • Sound: DSEE Sound
  • USP:MIC Quality
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

  • Playtime: 21 Hours
  • Sound: Spacious Sound
  • USP:Call Quality
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WeCool Moonwalk Mini Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 16 Hours
  • Sound: Premium Sound
  • USP:Best budget/Affordable
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boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 30 Hours
  • Sound: Blend of Bass, Treble, Mid and Highs
  • USP:Best of Overall
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Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 18 Hours
  • Sound: Musical/Good Bass
  • USP:Best for Sporty Fit
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boAt Airdopes 281 Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 18 Hours
  • Sound: Crispy Audio
  • USP:Best Value for Money
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Noise Air Buds Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 20 Hours
  • Sound: Noise Cancelling HD Sound
  • USP:Best for HD Sound
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Mivi Duopods M40 True Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 24 Hours
  • Sound: Studio Sound
  • USP:Best for Studio Sound
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OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 20 Hours
  • Sound: Good Mids & Highs
  • USP:Best for Music
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pTron Bassbuds Pro Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 12 Hours
  • Sound: Good Audio
  • USP:Best for Mobile Gaming
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EDYELL Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 120 Hours
  • Sound: Stereo Sound
  • USP:Best for Outstanding Battery Life
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CROSSBEATS Pebble Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 20 Hours
  • Sound: 3D Stereo Sound
  • USP:Best for 3D Stereo Sound
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Noise Shots Nuvo Wireless Earbuds

  • Playtime: 32 Hours
  • Sound: Clean Audio Sound
  • USP:Best for Fast Charge Feature
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Best Wireless Earbuds in India 2021 – Why You Should Consider to Buy?

To make it easier for you to quickly have a glance at the best wireless earbuds, I put together all of these and created a list above. This not only gives you just an overview of the topic I am discussing here, but also helps you to choose the one that you need.

If you are comfortable reading more to see which one of these is the best earbuds for you, I encourage you to read their reviews below. I am sure, these will help you to find the most valuable product that serves your requirement.


  • Elegantly designed with sports friendliness and touch control
  • boAt Airdopes 441 Wireless Earbuds provides 30 hours of playback time
  • It has quick charging features, take 1.5 hours to fully charge
  • Bluetooth connectivity covers a range of 10m easily
  • It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • These earbuds are equipped with IPX7 technology to ensure water and sweat protection

This all about the overall performance and features of the wireless earbuds. The boAt Airdopes 441 TWS is the best of overall on the list of the 10+ Best Wireless Earbuds in India. Let’s see what it has in its kitty to offer you and me.

These earbuds are elegantly designed and lightweight. Charging case also looks perfect and smart. The charging case of the comes with magnetic material. This holds the earbuds down.

The charging case also works as a rechargeable battery pack for the earbuds. The total battery life of the earbuds is 30 hours. The earbuds alone provide the playback time of 5 hours. And the charging case provides of 25 hours. So combined battery backup including the case is 30 hours.

If I talk of the sound quality, it produces just the balanced sound you must be looking for. If you are an audiophile enthusiast, but budget is a constraint, this is the right choice. This gives you perfect sound with excellent blend of bass, treble, mids & highs.

The build of the wireless earbuds looks pretty premium. The capacitive touch control light is very attractive. Only thing I realized and want to share my experience is don’t go by the size shown in image. It’s far smaller than shown in the picture. It picks the range pretty well. In my case it is just over 15 metre. 

So, this happens to be the overall best wireless earbuds in the list of the top the 11 True Wireless Earbuds.

PS: Also read my full review of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Earphones here.

  • Appealing design
  • Good sound with blend of bass, treble, mid and highs
  • Fit very well in the ear
  • Decent battery life, quick charge
  • Couldn’t connect with my multiple devices at the same time
  • Listening musing at low volume is too much softer than expected


  • Single button control for performing multiple functions
  • The earbuds provide seamless transmission
  • Both earbuds and charging case come with inner nano-coating
  • These ensure the water or sweat doesn’t seep through earbuds
  • You can use the earbuds as monopods and enjoy music and take calls
  • These earbuds provide total 18 hours of playback time including charging case
  • These offer decent noise cancellation to keep outside noise away
  • Best sporty fit; designed to hit the gym or get out on the jogging

The thing that impresses me about Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds is its fantastic design. The look is prefect sporty and speaks very well for sport enthusiasts. If you are looking for something to wear when you are exercising, you will love to have it. These are ones that let you flaunt your style in other occasions also.

The Bluetooth connectivity is smart enough to let you connect the buds to your smartphone as well as laptop. One thing I love because many times I put the buds in my ear and keep working on my laptop to complete my projects.

The earbuds very well fit in your ear canal. Therefore, you need not worry of slipping them out while you are jogging or hitting the gym. The one button control lets you do all the tasks on a gentle press. You can play or pause music or go back to previous or next track.

This features rich device also lets you take and answer calls with a single press of a button. The Boult Audio AirBass MuseBuds is equipped with voice assistant technology. You can pass on the voice command to Siri or Google Assistant to get your job done.

The IPX5 water resistant technology does its job well to protect the earphones against water and sweat seepage. This is one of the best earphones on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India. 

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  • Appealing sleek and sporty design, fits very well in the ear
  • Very good protection against water and sweat seepage
  • Attractive one button multifunction for changing track/taking calls
  • Buds produces decent sound quality
  • Initial glitches found in voice call clarity on the other side.
  • I felt it produces average bass effect

3. boAt Airdopes 281 Wireless Earbuds – Best Value for Money


  • boat Airdopes 281 presents sophisticated attractive ergonomic design
  • You have a very good grip in your ear canal, get worry free about slipping off the ear
  • Easy to operate and connect with the Bluetooth technology
  • It provides the connectivity range of up to 10 metre
  • The earbuds offer battery life of up to 18 hours including 14 hours with carry case
  • You can get your earbuds fully charged in 1 hour
  • Your earbuds are protected against water and sweat with IPX5 water resistance technology
  • Each earbud has 1 MIC and is compatible with Android and iOS devices

boAt has established itself as an outstanding brand image in its audio business vertical. The boAt Airdopes 281 has a very ergonomic design attractive look. I cannot overlook if it has a space in the top ten.

What I really like is their shape and size. The shape of the earbuds is pretty compact and charging case simple and sleek to fit in your pocket comfortably. There are four LED light indicators arranged on the carry case to show you your earbuds are charging.

Each earbud also has LED light attached with it. The LED on the earbud flashes out and display light to indicate these are connected with compatible devices. The charging case has magnetic holder to keep the them attached with their place when not in use.

The boAt Airdopes 281 are equipped with 6mm audio drivers. As expected, the light weight audio device produces immersive sound. If you are comfortable to use one bud at time, this lets you play your music singly. At the same time, it also helps make your style statement

The earphones have got IPX4 rating. This means you carry on some sweating workouts wearing them, because they withstand fair amount sweat and even water. In my case they did work perfectly well when I was jogging.

Talking of the pairing, these are very quick and easy. Just open up lid of the charging case and take the earbuds off the case. Make sure your Bluetooth on your device is switched on. You will see each earbud flashing LED light indicating that these are connected.

The boAt Airdopes 281 are surely the best value in-ear earphones in the list of the 10+ Best Wireless Earbuds in India 2021.

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  • Ergonomic design with good comfort
  • Good audio quality
  • Quick charge and decent playback time
  • Smooth connectivity with decent range
  • Overall very good value for money
  • Control buttons are too sensitive and not intuitive
  • Certain glitches found in call quality on the other side

4. Noise Air Buds Wireless Earbuds – Best for HD Sound Lover


  • The earbuds provide good syncing capability between the two buds
  • Good battery life up to 20 hours including charging case with 16 hours
  • Very lightweight earbuds weighing just about 4.5gms
  • It gives fast pairing and seamless connectivity with good range
  • Offers good sound quality and noise cancelling call quality
  • The earbuds fit very well in your ear canal
  • Offer smart touch controls for controlling music and volume
  • Wireless earbuds come with IPX4 rating to make them waterproof

When I talk of light weight in-ear earphones with good sound with pocket friendly budget, Noise Air Buds are the first name that comes to my mind. The 13mm speaker driver are sure shot to give you right level of sound you expect from any wireless earphones.

This apart, there are ergonomic design elements that make the them stand out in the crowd. The ergonomically designed earphones don’t stay away from you wherever you are and whatever you do. Stay calm and cool because they fit into your ear very well even when you do workouts.

There are magnetic points inside the charging case where the earbuds sit securely when not in use. There is USB Type-C charging port on the back of the carry case. The earbuds provide 4 hours of playtime with single charge. They offer total of 20 hours of playtime with charging case.

Speaking of the call quality, each earphone comes with dedicated individual mic. This ensures your voice clear on the other side without any distortion. With the drivers of 13mm, these are designed to reproduce balanced beat for you. Sound lovers… enjoy every beat with Noise Air Buds.

I also like the controls. The touch controls do everything from playing your music to controlling volume. They are highly intuitive. A gentle tap on the earbud will pause or play music. So as it lets you increasing or decrease volume, while you also attend the calls from wherever you are.

As far as performance is concerned, I love the audio range and the call quality. It’s equipped with 13mm drivers and dedicated mic with each ear bud. This doesn’t disappoint. So, the Noise Air Buds stands very well in the list of the 10+ Best Wireless Earbuds in India.

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  • Very good sound with wider coverage
  • Decent noise cancellation in calling
  • Decent battery life cycle
  • Attractive touch controls
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and intuitive
  • Average bass quality
  • Touch controls are too touch sensitive

5. Mivi Duopods M40 True Wireless Earbuds – Best for Studio Sound


  • Mivi Duopods M40 gives you high quality immersive sound
  • You can play your favourite music for 24 hours with earbuds and case fully charged
  • Adaptive touch controls let you let you control your music, take calls
  • They will work on your voice command with Siri/Google Voice Assistant
  • The earbuds provide decent noise cancellation
  • They are good fit in your ear canal and provide stable grip
  • Easy and smooth connectivity with Bluetooth v5.0

The Hyderabad based company, Mivi jumped into the foray to make mobile accessories back in 2015.They expanded their audio offerings in 2018. Let’s see How the Mivi Duopods M40 score in the list compiled above.

The first thing that struck me about the Mivi Duopods M40 is its sound quality. They come with 6mm audio drivers. This clearly justify the claim it makes by reproducing signature sound. They also produce clearly well balanced mids and highs with reasonable bass.

Another amazing feature that look very attractive to me is the size of the charging case. The charging case is really small. It’s so small that you can easily flaunt it around in your keychain. There are two gold color magnetic points inside the case that hold the earbuds for charging.

The wireless earbuds themselves are very small and designed with curved edges. The design perfectly matches the shape of the ears. There are some LED lights in the earphones that indicate the pairing. The earphones flash the black and blue light when pairing with your smartphone or compatible devices.     

Talking of the playback time, the Mivi Duopods M40 give you enough battery life totaling 24 hours including charging case. So, good wireless earphones don’t have to be very expensive. Therefore, this is one of the best earphones on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds available at budget for sound lovers.

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  • Good sound quality with reasonable mids and highs
  • Earbuds are designed with curved edge to gel with ear shape
  • Decent battery life; it lasts up to 24 hours
  • Easy, smooth and quick pairing
  • Bass lovers may not like it as it has average bass
  • Call quality doesn’t meet the expectation

6. OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds – Best for Music


  • The wireless earbuds offer very passive noise cancellation
  • These earphones are IP55 rated for dust and water protection
  • Offer good intuitive features
  • These are featured with total 20 hours of battery life
  • Good for smooth quick pairing with your smartphone
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Sturdy build with glossy finish hard plastic material
  • Lovely mid and highs

From mobile phone to audio devices, Oppo has established its brand value in the market. OPPO Enco W11 one of many audio devices Oppo has thrown on the shelves.

The earbuds come with sturdy designed made up of hard plastic material to make it stronger. These in-ear earphones come with three size of silicon ear tips to perfectly gel with your ear. The also include a short USB Type-C cable to charge the carry case.

The OPPO Enco W11 are very light earbuds weighing just 4.4 grams each. If you include the charging case also the total weight comes around 44 grams. The bean shape earbuds have microphones on the top. They are comfortable to wear. Personal experience.

They feature Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity. This lets you get seamless transmission on both earbuds at the same time. The OPPO Enco W11 claims battery life of 20 hours in total. This claim more or less is true when I used it for listening music.

The device also come with IP55 certificate. This means this technology provides water and dust resistant. If you are getting in the gym for some sort of workouts or going for jogging with your earphones in your ear, you don’t need to remove them to protect from dust or sweat. They are waterproof.

The OPPO Enco W11 does more or less everything well at this budget segment. If you are looking for budget earphones for music, this is one of the best earphones in the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India.

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  • Sturdy build with strong plastic material
  • Good sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable fit
  • Seamless connectivity
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Just average call quality
  • Not suitable for hardcore gaming


  • pTron Bassbuds Pro features high quality speakers with 8mm audio drivers
  • These are lightweight earbuds, each weighs 4gms
  • The wireless earphones provide total 12 hours of playtime including carry case
  • They provide low latency streaming for gaming
  • Bluetooth v5.1 provides fast and stable connection covering 10 metre range
  • These earbuds are IPX4 rate for protection from water and sweat
  • The earbuds have attractive multi-function touch control
  • Digital display on the charging case to you see the battery left in it

pTron Bassbuds Pro are budget earphones with all rich features in the list of top 10. The most attractive quality in mind is the low latency mode it offers. This makes them perfect for mobile gaming. That too in an affordable price.

One may argue earphone don’t match the sound quality of the over-head headphones. That’s true and I am not making any comparison here because each one of them have their own plus and minus. But it’s not always the case that big things shouldn’t come in small package. So, pTron Bassbuds Pro is a big thing in a small package.

I like the ergonomic design with multi-function touch controls. These are designed to perfectly fit in the ear canal and they don’t slip of the ear. The multi-function touch sensitive controls are very handy to control music, jump to next or previous track, wake voice assistant.

This improvised version of pTron Bassbuds Pro comes with low latency mode connectivity. Even season gamers will not complain of the quality giving at this price range. They did a great job to improve sound quality compared to their predecessor.

The wireless earphones come with 8mm dynamic drivers. They produce high quality mids and highs giving you excellent musical experience. The device comes with 3 size silicone ear-cups to help isolate noise and give you complete peace of mind while listening and taking calls.

pTron Bassbuds wireless earphones are IPX 4 rated. Therefore, you can freely put your earphones in your ear while running, jogging, hitting gym, playing some sort of sports. Because they are water and sweat resistant.

These are one of the best in the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India now.

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  • Good proposition for mobile gaming
  • Decent battery life
  • Good audio sound
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Speed of Bluetooth v5.1 transmission looks overrated
  • Doesn’t seem to have active noise cancellation capacity

8. EDYELL Wireless Earbuds – Best for Outstanding Battery Life


  • Massive battery life, this earless provides 120 hours of battery backup
  • Earbuds’ charging can be used as a power bank to charge mobile phone also
  • The earbuds provide fast and seamless transmission with Bluetooth v5.0
  • They produce stereo sound with balance audio perfect music enthusiast
  • Wireless earbuds come with 3 size silicone tips to gel with ear shape
  • Provide Individual LED display on the charging case to show battery status of each earbud
  • They are equipped with IPX7 technology to protect from water and sweat
  • Multi-function touch controls and comfortable fit

The first striking feature about the EDYELL Wireless Earbuds playtime. The y provide you staggering 120 hours of total playback time. The earphones offer massive 6 hours of listening time and 5 hours of talk time on a single charge. Let’s see what more they have offer.

You can use the carry case as a substitute for power bank to charge your mobile phone on the go. The look and feel of the charging case look premium and trendy. You can flaunt it with style any time. The charging dock of the earphones has separate LED display on it. This lets you see the power of left or right earbud at any point of time.

EDYELL Wireless Earbuds offer 3 silicone ear tips designed to perfectly gel with your ear shape. They stay in your ear canal unshaken even you are hitting the gym or running. Rest assured they don’t fall of the ear.

Speaking of the audio quality, the earbuds offer produce balanced and clear audio. Voice on the other side also good. The quality of looks good but doesn’t produce outstandingly thumping sound. With the given budget, this shouldn’t be a big issue at all.

The Bluetooth earbuds come with attest Bluetooth v5.0 technology. This allows fast and smooth lag free transmission. Pairing is easy enough, just take the earbuds off the case, set the Bluetooth of your mobile on, and they automatically get connected each other.

The IPX7 technology integration means the wireless earphones are protected from water splash and sweat. So, do you think EDYELL Wireless Earbuds are one of the best wireless earphones on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India? Let me know what you have to say.

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  • Powerful battery backup
  • Good sound
  • Attractive design
  • Silicone ear tips fit well in the ear
  • Good sound and call quality
  • Bass quality doesn’t justify the quality as claimed
  • Don’t offer total noise cancellation

9. CROSSBEATS Pebble Wireless Earbuds – Best for 3D Stereo Sound


  • CROSSBEATS Pebble wireless earbuds produce deep thumping bass
  • Aesthetically designed, compact and look very stylish
  • Come with dual microphone for enhanced call quality
  • Wireless earbuds firmly and securely fit in the ear
  • Designed to produce high quality 3 D stereo sound
  • Earbuds offer fast charging with Type-C charging system
  • Offer 20 hours of total playtime
  • Easy and fast auto pairing

I was surprised by the appealing design of the CROSSBEATS Pebble wireless earbuds. It undoubtedly speaks well for the stylish people with its aesthetic design. The carry case has unique tan coloured leather sling to display your style in your key ring. This is one of the best feature rich wireless earphone in the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India.

The sound and the call quality if the earbuds taken me by surprise. These are really great earbuds in small package. I tried these earphones in different smartphones with changing audio profiles. But I didn’t feel a noticeable lag in sound or call quality.

The CROSSBEATS Pebble wireless earbuds come with very well balanced and precise graphene drivers. Every effect they produce seems so realistic that each track gives you better listening experience.

Noise cancellation feature of the earbuds performs equally well. Therefore, the voice call on the other side clearly heard. For me the bass effect is very pure and thumping. I didn’t miss a single beat. This is the best wireless earbuds for 3D stereo sound.

These earbuds come with Type-C fast charging USB cable. The fast charging system allows you to fully charge your case and the buds within 60 minutes. Now you have a great companion in the CROSSBEATS Pebble that always stays with you in your busy schedule.

These are designed to securely and comfortably fit in your ear and don’t slip away while jogging, running, hitting the gym. Try different ear tips that best fit in your ear canal and enjoy throughout the day. They are also easy quick to pair with your device and provide seamless connection

Although these headsets are little pricier than the other on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India, these are all round performers in the class of earbuds.

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  • Great 3D stereo sound
  • Thumping bass
  • Good call quality
  • Quick charge system
  • Goods battery life
  • Not suitable for hardcore gaming
  • Look little more expensive on the list

10. Noise Shots Nuvo Wireless Earbuds – Best for Fast Charge


  • The fast charge feature let you have 80 minutes of music in just 10 minutes of charging
  • Bluetooth v5.0 technology provides smooth transmission within the range of 10 metre
  • These earbuds are compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Attractive multifunction touch controls
  • Offer 32 hours of battery life including charging case
  • IPX4 certified earbuds provide protection from water, sweat and dust
  • Let your device do your job on your voice command with Siri/Google Assistant

Noise Shots Nuvo has flaunted its wireless earbuds with style on the shelves. What I found fascinating about Noise Shots Nuvo Wireless Earbuds is design of the earbuds and the carry case. Both the earbuds and the charging case are finely designed with perfect finish. These are one of the good performers on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India.

The Noise Shots Nuvo comes with 800 mAh charging case. That gives total of 32 hours of playtime. It also has fast charge system with which you can have up to 80 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging.

These wireless earbuds are equipped with dynamic audio drivers designed to deliver high fidelity sound on the go. The latest Bluetooth v5.0 provides seamless connectivity every time you get you device connected with the wireless earphones.

The IPX4 rated earbuds are perfect fit to wear when your exercising, in the gym or taking morning. They can withstand the light shower, sweat and even the dust.

With Noise Shots Nuvo with you can get you tasks done on your voice command. All you need to do is just activate Siri or Google voice assistant. These wireless earbuds are compatible with android and iOS devices. The multifunction touch controls allow to control music; increase or decrease volume, change tracks, take or reject call.

Noise Shots Nuvo overall does a decent job and the priciest one on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India.

  • Fast charge feature
  • Good connectivity
  • Good battery backup
  • Designed for music
  • Lagging call quality
  • Doesn’t offer thumping bas
  • Not for hardcore gaming

11. WeCool Moonwalk Mini Wireless Earbuds – Best for Budget 


  • These are the best wireless earbuds at affordable price
  • Comfortable and sporty fit
  • Multifunction button control
  • Provide stable seamless connection
  • Offer 16 hours of playtime including carry case
  • IPX5 water resistance certified
  • Digital battery charge status display
  • Very lightweight weighing 4gms each

The WeCool Moonwalk Mini Wireless Earbuds are the one of the best budget wireless earphones on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds in India. The earphones come at an unbelievably affordable price range. Yet they have all features and functionalities that match the other high range counterparts on the list.

If you are looking for fashionable earbuds but don’t want to shell out hefty price, WeCool Moonwalk Mini is the best option in my collection.

The wireless earphones are lightweight. Ultra compact and ergonomic design these headsets is worth mentioning. Charging case is sleek and attractive. There’s a LED light on the surface of each earbud to indicate its pairing status with compatible device.

The charging case has digital display on the flat surface between the two earbuds. This lets you know how much juice is left in your earphones. There are two points with golden tips inside the case where each wireless earbud sits comfortably. This is the point where each of them gets themselves charged. The earbuds are symmetrically designed. Therefore, these are interchangeable when you wear them or while charging in the carry case.

I tried and used these wireless earbuds with both Android and iOS devices and I didn’t find any device dependent lag. They produce good sound quality with average noise cancellation. If you expect extraordinary bass, I suggest you look for higher end alternative. But for me it’s Ok.

The WeCool Moonwalk Mini provides decent 16 hours of battery life with carry case. And the earbuds sync very well with your smartphone providing smooth Bluetooth connectivity that covers around 8 metre range. The IPX5 technology does its job quite well to protect the earphones from splash, dust and sweat. You can use them in the gym, running, jogging.

These are feature rich budget wireless earphones on the list of the 10+ best wireless earbuds, you may not resist to have a look at once.

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  • Good sound
  • Decent battery life
  • Good design
  • Value for money
  • Not recommended for hardcore gaming
  • Average noise cancellation
  • Average call quality

Wireless Earbuds – Buying Guide

Earbuds always fascinated me, how they become handy when I want to go hands free with absolutely no wire. Until now I have seen mainly two types of earbuds. First, those which have cord that connects them with each other. These are known by the name “Wireless Earbuds”. Second, those which don’t have cords are called “True Wireless Earbuds”.

I also have no doubts in my mind that with the advancement of technology in such a fast pace, the days are not far away when almost anything will be with less wires or no wires. All the devices I put together come under the category of both wireless earbuds as well as true wireless earbuds.

I think each of these devices still needs in-depth separate review. I don’t know when, but I am sure I will come with thorough review of each in my coming articles. But, for now let’s have a look at what you should consider before buying yourself or your loved ones a pair wireless earbuds.

The Sound Quality of Earbuds

This is the first and one of the most important features you must look at before you make a final decision to buy for yourself. Sound quality is the top feature every user puts on top of the list while going ahead with buying decision. But, many makers seem to overlook sound quality when designing and manufacturing earbuds.

There are few factors why wired headphones seem to be better outperformers. These are producer’s over focus on designing compact, comfortable, waterproof, dustproof and compatible headsets while putting the sound on the backburner. It’s not the case that wired headphones come with better technology in comparison to their sisters.

The most important thing among many that makes sound quality is the codec the device supports. It’s also important to understand what codecs are how they influence the sound quality. So, codecs are a devices or computer programs, in our case these are computer programs, also known by the name algorithms.

These programs or algorithms compress sound data to enable faster transmission. Codecs also decompress the data at the receiving end. There are quite a few of them that perform very well. To my mind the most popular codecs are AAC, Standard Bluetooth, aptX.

The AAC and aptX are absolute besties in producing excellent sound qualities. In fact, they are popular to produce HD sound. The base aptX codec produces good HD sound while altX LL are capable of providing even better sound.

On the other hand, the Standard Bluetooth codec falls in the class of common stereo Bluetooth headphones. They are good to produce decent audio quality while they don’t need great processing power.

The big feature of the Standard Bluetooth codec that goes against it is frequent inconsistencies it has. This, I think can be compromise with audio quality. Similarly, the most important factor that works against the aptX codec and its other variants is that it doesn’t support all devices. Therefore, before buying a pair of wireless for yourself, check twice if your smartphone supports the codec that comes with the earphones.

Battery Life/Playtime of Earbuds

Do you want a pair of earbuds that you cannot play your favorite track for long without charging it? Of course you do not, right! So, battery life or the playtime is important feature that matters to a great extent while deciding to buy. I am sure you also agree with me.

As far as I am concerned, even if the earphones have great features and they are extremely good too, the battery doesn’t last long it doesn’t serve the purpose completely. I am saying this because as soon as the battery dies, every other thing also dies.

There are 3 important things to keep in mind with respect to the battery life. The first thing I consider is the number of hours I can play music with a single charge. Also I will see how long the earbuds can stay if I do not play anything, that is called standby time. Next is the charging time taken to fully charge the earphones. This means how long they take to charge the battery. For example, say 1 hour, 2 hours or more.

In my personal experience most earphones have playtime of over 4 hours on earbuds alone. And if you include the carry case this may go up to 120 hours. I believe 4 hours of playtime is enough to listen your favored music for a full day. However, the playtime may also get affected depending on frequency of the calls you make. This means if you frequently make calls, battery life your earphones will be significantly reduced.

Fortunately, in such a time charging case comes handy which ultimately increases the battery life. This becomes even more important when you are travel.

So, now you might be wondering what is the point I am trying to make. It makes sense to say that if you see interesting and like a pair of earbuds and want go with it, make sure you also have checked the battery life or for that matter playtime.

Whether they are Comfortable and Stable

More often than not this is one thing that I tend to overlook. I am saying this because I am too lazy to go gym or for a jogging. But if you are fond of listening music for long duration. I strongly suggest you must check they are comfortable enough and you can wear them in your ear with no irritation or pain in your ear canal. Similarly, if you are a fitness enthusiast, it is important to consider they naturally fit in your ear and don’t fall off when you hit the gym or you are jogging in the park.

So, how should you decide whether they are comfortable and stable or not? Luckily, there are two types of major design. First, there are earbuds that fit into the line of the ear naturally. Others are those which consist of wings that hold into the pinna of the ear and stay securely in your ear. These are considered to be most secure and for gym goers and runners.

Whether They Are User Friendly

There are different types of wireless earphones that function differently depending on the software integration. Many of them are easy to use. They start their work once you pair them with your device. There are other which come with App integration. They are designed to accelerate their functionalities.

That being said, all Apps in your earphones don’t work in a similar fashion. Some of these are very intuitive and easy to operate while for others you need to spend a lot of time to learn and use them fully. Sometime this makes me feel why the manufacturers and for that matter designers spend so much time developing such a complicated software. I also feel they should have focused more on making better sound quality instead.

In any case if you intend to buy a pair of headsets, make sure they are easy to use. And they have right kind of software.

Whether They Are Truly Wireless

This actually reflects the form of earbuds which is a very important deciding factor. On one hand there are truly wireless earphones. On the other, you have another set of earbuds that have a little bit of wiring with them. I also need to differentiate here that they have their own pros and cons. For example, true wireless earbuds are futuristic and are perfect for you if you want to go completely wire free. At the same time, you also have to spend more on them and may easily lose them because of their size. However, wireless earbuds meaning which are not completely wireless may tangle easily though you don’t lose them easily and also you will spend less.

So, it’s always better to go with the ones that perfectly work for you.

Whether they Suit Your Lifestyle

Each one of you have your own life style and want a pair of earbuds that perfectly fit with it. The point I am trying to make here is some of you may be fitness freak, others may travel a lot and still others may love to turn around swimming pool or beaches.

So, if you love hitting the gym and exercise a lot your earbuds must be designed and built to suit that. If you travel a lot and use your earphones for calls and music as well, your device must have noise cancellation and great audio quality. Still if you want to protect your earbuds from sweat and water, choose the one which has sweat, water and dust resistant feature, more importantly it should have higher IPX technology.

Therefore, it is very important to understand that your lifestyle influences a lot while choosing the best wireless earbuds for yourself. So, make sure which one perfectly fits your lifestyle if you are buying now.

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed reading my article on the best wireless earbuds. Also hope you find some of these in my collection useful and that meet the best of your expectation. I am sure, by now you are at a better position to choose the right kind of earbuds that best fit your need. If you already have a pair enjoy it with your all time favorite track. If you are still to get one, consider to buy the best one. Keep on shopping buddies!

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