OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones in India in 2020 Review

OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones
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OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones are the latest in my collection. These headphones were first available on Amazon in August 2019. I did read couple of reviews before buying these headphones. Finally, comparing with other products in similar range, I got this one. It deserves a try.


  • Great Sound, Perfect Fit for Heavy Bass Music
  • Inline Mic Feature for Taking Calls
  • Beautifully Designed with Plastic and Steel Material
  • Great Pick up for Powerful Sub Bass at Low End
  • Amazing Clarity of Vocal Melodies at High End
  • Outstanding Noise Isolation Capacity

When you select a headphone, the first question that comes to the back of your mind is the sound quality. The OneOdio Stereo-Bass Over-Ear Headphones comes with power sound drivers. The headphones feature 40mm drivers coupled with compact earpads. Therefore, these are equipped to deliver powerful and crisp sound at any volume.

I have played music with many other brands and tested them as well. The quality of sound delivered by these headphones made cry WOW! Even expensive and big brands did not have this sound quality, at the first stance.

The OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones have amazing noise isolation capacity. These wired over ear headphones feature ultrathick earmuffs and seamless sewing seal. These are perfect to keep outside noise away while giving maximum bass signature.

I tried the headphones at low end as well as at high end. At low end, it was great to feel the frequency range picks up all powerful sub bass note very well. At the high end also, I could hear my favourite with exceptional clarity.

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Design and Build:

The next feature personally look for in product of my choice is its look and feel. Of course, I am talking about design aspect of the product.

The OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones beautifully crafted with combination of premium plastic, leatherite and some metallic materials. The look and feel of the product speaks of the perfect engineering.

Earpads are very comfortable and soft. These are the good reasons for me why I liked these headphones. I don’t feel any sort of pain or fatigue even when I stretch my time listening to music for longer hours. The round earmuffs are designed with pressure relieving cushions.

The headband of the OneOdio Stereo-Bass Over-Ear Headphones is made up of leather material. This is easily adjustable and comfortable to wear. This gives a perfect fit to your ears. The headphones comes with the tangle free, 1.2meter braided-nylon cable. With this it is very easy to connect to your device; PC, Laptop, or the music system while sitting on the chair.

The built-in inline MIC makes it easy to take calls while skipping tracks. Thanks to additional Carry pouch provided with the headphones. This makes your job easy and comfortable if wish to carry your headphones anywhere.

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Technical Specifications:
Product Weight998 gms
Package1 x 1 x 1 cm
Hardware PlatformTablet, PC, Laptop, Smartphone, MP3 Player
Special Featureheadband, over-ear
Microphone Form FactorIn-Line
Headphones Form FactorOver Ear
Batteries RequiredNo

This the latest in my kitty. I did not find any major problem with the OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones. Very well designed. Look and feel is impressive. The sound quality of the headphones is great with heavy bass and noise cancellation.

Designed with soft ear cushion to give extra comfort while listening to your favourite song for a prolonged time. With built-in inline MIC, you can take calls while you can skip tracks. These headphones are compatible with all PC, Phones, MP3 player, Laptop, Tablets, other devices with 3.5mm headphone port.

 Do let me know guys if you like or if you don’t like. Leave your comments and suggestion. It will encourage me to do more hard work and improve.

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