Best Top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds-India 2020

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With advancement of technology, new electronic gadgets are thrown on the shelves everyday. That too with better functionality, better features. With million of these gadgets available on Amazon alone, it is not always easy to choose the best one. Therefore, we have brought the Best Top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India in 2020 to help you out select the best one.


  • Great sound and thumping bass
  • Perfect for listening to audio books
  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • Best comfort and grip for ear shapes
  • Over 6 hours play time with single charge
  • 30 hours of portable charging case
  • Auto pairing and on-ear control


With so many trendy gadgets flooding in the dynamic market place every day, it is not easy for any one to select the good or the best product. I, personally have gone through the similar situation many times. To help our viewer and make their product selection process easy, we have come up with a few trending Bluetooth earbuds.

bazzpod Bean True Wireless Earbuds are truly good Bluetooth earbuds for you. It has amazing capability to produce great and sound thumping bass. You would love the thunder of the music sound once you put you earpods in your ear.

The bazzpod Bean Bluetooth earpods are perfectly designed to give the maximum comfort to your ears. With beautiful ergonomic design, the earphone comes with three different sized ear tips. Wil never miss the comfort of wearing the earbuds with these ear tips.

Bass lovers will never miss the great music with great sound quality with minimum size. The device has a decent battery life. With over 6 hours of battery backup, play you favourite music non-stop and enjoy the track you love. You would never feel drained out. Playtime in more than 6 hours on a single charge.

The Bluetooth earbuds comes with additional 30 hours portable charging case. There are four bright white LED lights. These light get illuminated to indicate charging percentage of your earbuds. You need not worry about running out the battery. The magnetized charging case will hold wireless earphones in place automatically.

The auto pairing and On-Ear control is the lovely feature. I really liked it.  What you can do? Yes, you do the pairing of the device once or at the first time. So, after first time pairing, you don’t need to manually turn on the earbuds for using.  What really needed is to just open the case cover, then it will automatically power on and reconnect to your device that has been paired. Isn’t is lovely feature?

The bazzpod Bean Bluetooth earpods are very easy to use. There are user-friendly on-ear buttons on each side. These buttons support play and pause, switching tracks, volume up and down and handling phone calls easily.


The bazzpod Bean Bluetooth earbuds come with super bass and great sound quality. It is perfectly designed to comfortably fit in your ear shapes. With over 6 hours of play time sand additional 30 hours of portable charging case, you will never feel running out of battery. It indeed a good Bluetooth earbuds in trend. For budget buying, it’s a good option available.

This is one of the best top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. You may also like to read our full review on OneOdio Adaptor-Free Over Ear Headphones DJ Style.

So, guys, have decided to have one for yourself or your loved ones? Let us have you take on this!

2. BUXAZ UBERBASS IPX5 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

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  • Great quality bass and sound
  • A2DP profiles to deliver HiFi Music
  • Built -in MIC -answer, reject calls, redial
  • Outstanding noise reduction
  • Fast and stable transmission
  • IPX5 water resistance technology
  • Up to 30 hours of play time
  • Up 40 hours of talk time
  • 600mAh charging case


The Buxas UberBass Waterproof Wireless Earbuds are equipped with advanced technology to produce super quality sound. Initially, I was very apprehensive abut the sound and bass quality of the earphone. Every doubt was clear when I actually got the Bluetooth device connected with my smart phone and listened a few tracks.

The wireless stereo earphones are really fined tuned to produce high quality sound with super bass. The noise cancellation capability of the device is amazing. You just plug in the earbuds in your ear and the there is no external noise. When it comes call quality, the voice from the other side is very clear and crisp. I had a very good call experience.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP in short is the Bluetooth stereo profile.  This profile defines how high quality stereo sound can be streamed from one device to another over Bluetooth connection. The Buxaz UberBass Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds are perfectly designed to support A2DP profile.  Therefore, the device is among the best ones to deliver HiFi music over the Bluetooth connection.

The wireless device comes with fast and stable transmission without tangling. Thanks to ultra-stable Bluetooth v5.0 connection and dual mode headphones that adopt wireless design. The dual mode, single in ear and built-in MIC feature of the wireless headphone let you answer and reject calls and redial last dialed number. This is very good feature and comes handy when driving and otherwise.

The stylish earbuds come with 600mAh charging case. You will never feel going out of power with its 30 hours of play time and 40 hours of talk time. The long power back up of the device lets you travel worry free in long distance.  So, worry not and you don’t have to plug it for charging up to 30 hours.

We know many of you are very conscious about your fitness and surely go an extra mile to maintain your health. Many you certainly love walking, jogging or workout at the gym. The Buxaz UberBass Wireless Earbuds are sporty and perfectly designed to fit during any of these activities.

With IPX5 Waterproof & Secure Fit Design, it is well kept in mind that they detach from the ear and fall during the activity. The IPX5 Waterproof and splash proof mechanism applied with the device keep it secure from acute sweating and even from light drizzle.

The device has automatic pairing and voice assistance feature for easy access to music. You don’t need to worry about the connectivity after the first connection. Just take out the Bluetooth earbuds and hit on Bluetooth to easily get the device automatically paired. You can also have  help with voice assistant like Siri and Google Assistant on a click away.


The Buxas UberBass Waterproof Wireless Earbuds is power packed wireless earphone. The device features IPX5 waterproof and splash proof mechanism. It supports A2DP profile to deliver HiFi music over Bluetooth connection. It has super bass and sound quality with zero external noise. For travelling over the long distance you and Buxas UberBass earbuds make perfect companionship. It comes with 30 hours of play time and 40 hours of talk time.

Our Take : The Bluetooth earbuds come with all the features in line with any high end product. Waterproof and long play time are special features along with great sound.

This comes at number 2 in the best top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. You only need to spend 2 minutes to read our full review on OneOdio Stereo Bass Over Ear Headphones in India 2020.

By the way, what is your take? Share with us.

3. Digistream M2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

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  • High quality earphone MIC
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Superb sound with OG bass effects
  • 8 hours of continuous play time
  • IPX4 waterproof mechanism
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • Anywhere anytime charging case
  • 3 multiple automatic recharges


I know you guys are crazy to have trendy products. That’s why, we at always come up with a product that in vogue. That not only speaks of style and fashion but also fulfils your desire.

In our series of best wireless earbuds, the Digistream M2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with MIC is one of these. The earbud has an amazing noise cancellation feature. When put the earbuds in your ear, there no question of any disturbance from outside noise. The outside noise is completely isolated.

With the techstream of the Bluetooth earbuds is designed in such a way you will have an exciting experience of DJ sound. the Digistream M2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds supports upto 3 multiple recharges. Thanks to anywhere anytime charging case.

The device provides about 10 hours of continuous music play time. I was happy with this kind of power backup. I never felt running out of battery backup. I am sure you also will not have much complaint with its 10  hours play time. You will never feel drained out of power backup.

The IPX4 water resistance technology applied with the Digistream M2 Bluetooth has great advantage. You would love to make use of these wireless earbuds while jogging, walking or working out at gym. It is obvious that one would naturally sweat intensely during these activities. You can stay care free even when you are sweating or washing your face while your favourite earbuds are in your ear. The waterproof mechanism would take care of.

The Digistream M2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology. By comparison, this gives the double data transmission rate than the previous one. The connectivity with the device is faster and stable. While listening to music and playing game, you don’t have to face any rough edges. This is very smooth.

The device is compatible with all major brand smartphones and laptops. It’s also easy to connect.

If I remember correctly, it was around mid-December 2019 or December end. I was reading few reviews on a couple of digital products on my desktop. My colleague came from his seat to me and before I could realize he had earbuds in his ear, he told me “see I have just bought these new earbuds”. I was excited to see and curious also to know about the product.

And this what I found about the product.


The Digistream M2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds produce superior sound quality with great OG bass effects. When you are listening to the music, the outside noise is completely isolated. The IPX4 waterproof feature is great. This protects the Bluetooth earbuds from intense sweating and water splash. Around 8 hours continuous play time is very good by any standard, although there are a few earbuds offering more than that. Anywhere anytime charging case is also a very good feature. The Digistream M2 Wireless Earbuds come with latest Bluetooth technology with higher data transmission rate and faster connectivity.

With all great features, Digistream M2 Bluetooth Earbuds are never amiss in the list of best top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. You would like to read all the details about Fire-Bolt Blast 1400 Over-Ear Headphones in India 2020. feels it is a good buy given the features offered and the price. Let us know your take.

4. pTron Atom Mono Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

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  • High quality sound
  • Very good noise cancellation
  • Deepa bass sound
  • Very clear voice on call
  • Multi function button
  • Easy to hand calls with hands free
  • 8mm dynamic drivers
  • 100 hours of standby time


You might have been finding it difficult to choose one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market. Like everyone, I also was not able to decide which one I should have. It was indeed an uneasy situation to choose the one that would deliver good sound.

In fact I was looking for a budget Bluetooth earbuds that look stylish and trendy. For young generation, quality of the product apart, it is also a look and feel that matter. So, I heard about the pTron Atom Mono Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with MIC. One of my friends was already using it.

Based on user review, I thought why should not write about the product that may help our viewers to decide. With pTron Atom earbuds, you have In-ear mono Wireless Earphone that produces crystal audio.

The pTron Atom Mono Bluetooth Earbuds features 8mm Dynamic Drivers. These are very good features to offer great sound and listen to the music and voice very clearly. Music and voice is crisp. Multi-function button on the earbuds come very handy and lets you control calls and music with hands free experience.

Application of advanced Bluetooth technology easily covers 10mm wireless range. The technology also makes the pairing of the devices very fast. By comparison, we would say, the device has decent play back time. It has 180mAh charging case with 2-3 charge cycles.

The pTron Atom Bluetooth Earbuds is good give 5 hours of music play time and around 4 hours of talk time. The device is crafted beautifully and is secure and comfortable to wear.


The pTron Atom Mono Bluetooth Earbuds has decent features. It has very good and crystal clear sound quality. It is super easy to control calls and music with hands free. Five hurs of play time is decent. The device comes with advanced Bluetooth technology and covers a range of 10mm. This technology offers fast pairing.

pTron Atom Mono Wireless Earbuds has found its place at number 4 in our list of Best Top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. You may also like to read our full review on Fire-Boltt Blast 1100 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones in India 2020. feels this is a pretty decent wireless earbuds. For all those youngsters looking for style and a decent Bluetooth earbuds that fit in their pocket, it is not a bad option to go with.

Guys, What is your take on? Let’s know

5. pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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  • Great stereo sound and outstanding bass
  • HiFi sound quality and very clear tones and voice
  • Designed for secure fit, no fear of falling
  • 10m wireless range and voice assistant support
  • 400mAh compact and portable charging case
  • 6 hours of music play time and 5 hours of talk time
  • Built-in MIC ensures hands free music and call
  • Multi-function button additional hands-free experience
  • Ergonomic and light-weight designed with perfection
  • Perfect fit and comfort for long time wearing


In this article we are writing reviews on the 8 best product viz a viz wireless Bluetooth earbuds one should buy. Following the title of the article, we have come with the pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. This one of the best among our list of best top 8 wireless Bluetooth earbuds in India.

pTron Bassbuds are true in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The stereo sound quality and the bass quality of the earbuds will make you go Gag Ga! There are multi-function buttons On-the earbuds. These multi-function buttons on the earbuds let you control calls and music with a hand free experience. This is great. Isn’t it?

The pTron Bluetooth earbuds easily cover 10m wireless range. Thanks to application of latest Bluetooth technology. With this wireless Bluetooth device, you can play and listen to your favourite music for 6 hours. You will not disappointed with its 5 hours of talk time either.

The device features 400mAh Compact & Portable Charging Case, Micro USB Charging Cable Provided; Up to 2 to 3 Charge Cycles. You plug in your device for charging for about 2 hours and it’s done. It provides 100 hours of standby time. Pretty cool. Huh?

The pTron Bluetooth earbuds are beautifully designed. They fit securely and stay firm in your ears. So there is no need to fear the earbuds will fall when your are running or at workout at gym or at home. The musical components of the device are designed to throw amazing and HiFi sound quality with clear voice.

The wireless earphones come with built-in microphone. That ensure hands-free music and call management. You just press the multi-function buttons on the earbuds to enjoy the hands-free experience. The ergonomic design and light-weight of the device will get your ears fatigued even when you wear these earbuds for a day. They are built for perfect fit.

So, guys, did you buy one as yet and enjoy the quality of the sound produced. Let us have your take.

pTron Atom Bassbuds in ear Wireless Earbuds deserves fifth place in the list Best Top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. Also read our full review on Fire-Boltt Blast 1300 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones in India 2020.

6. CRUA Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds with MIC

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  • Powerful thumping bass effect
  • Crystal clear highs and lows inside ear
  • Waterproof function, no rain, sweat fear
  • Mini portable power bank with magnetic feature
  • 2000mAh battery, upto 7 hours of play time
  • Very quick time, 120 hours of standby time
  • The charging case can used for charging smartphone
  • Ergonomic and light-weight design
  • Perfect and comfortable inside the ear
  • 10m transmission distance range, fast and more stable.


Hey guys, if you are looking for budget yet good and stylish Bluetooth earbuds, you are not alone. CRUA Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds with MIC could be the one which may end your search for the time being. Yes, we mean it. To find out read on..

CRUA Bluetooth earbuds are true Bluetooth earbuds with all the great features you might have been longing for while. We at bring out the best in class product to help you choose the best one you wish to have.

The Bluetooth wireless earbuds deliver a lovely sound and thumping bass effects. You are at the great highs and lows when the music is playing inside your ear. With 10m transmission distance cutting across wall with fast and stable connection, you will not have any opportunity to complain about.

The waterproof mechanism used with the CRUA Bluetooth earbuds provides shield against the rain and intense sweat. You are now worry free. You can take bath, run or workouts while wearing you headphones in your ear. You would love this quality, you are listening your favourite song while getting wet in the rain.

The devices comes with a mini portable power bank with magnetic feature. The charging case has 2000mAh battery. Up to 7 hours of music playtime on a single full charge is a good backup. Apart from the playtime, the earbuds feature super quick charge and 120 hours of standby time. with this backup, you can stay free about charging when you are travelling.

The design the of the CRUA Bluetooth earbuds ergonomic and light-weight. This is designed with perfection to fit into your ear listen to your music all the day. So there is no distraction, no outside noise. Outside noise is completely isolated while you listen to your music. The wireless Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

CRUA Bluetooth Earbuds with built in MIC is surely deserves it place on our list of Best top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in India 2020. Also read our full review on Infinity (JB) Glide 500 Wireless On-Ear Headphone in India in 2020.

7. Muzili A3 Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

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  • Great stereo sound and noise isolation
  • CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology
  • Multi-function button with touch control
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • 15m range of coverage with stable connection
  • Ergonomic design and attractive touch and feel
  • Perfect design to fit in ear and comfort.
  • Perfect choice to fulfil gift ideas


Hey guys! I have come up with another set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds. I am sure you would find it useful to read. I also believe it will help you make the right decision if you are thinking of buying Bluetooth wireless earbuds or the similar product.

I am talking about Muzili A3 Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds. My nephew’s birthday falls in the month of December. I was thinking of gifting something on his birthday. Since boys and girls of this generation like trendy products, I had to also find out the novel product. In this pursuit I came across Muzili earbuds and bought one set as gift.     

I really loved the HiFi stereo sound delivered by the earbuds. With Muzili Wireless earbuds you never miss great stereo sound that lets you enjoy your favourite music. The noise isolation quality of the device is amazing. Application of CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology is very effective to reduce background noise. This lets you loose yourself into the world of music even when you are travelling, walking or jogging. Great! Isn’t it?

Use of latest Bluetooth technology with the earbuds ensures stable connection. Coupled with stable connection, the device covers a range of 15m. This speaks of a high performance of the device while having less power consumption. You would love to enjoy the truly high quality wireless experience without any hassle.

The Muzili A3 Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds are beautifully crafted, have ergonomic design and amazing touch and feel. It is indeed engineered with perfection to fit your ears with attractive appearance and comfortable feel.

The Bluetooth wireless earpod has touch control and easy operation features. With these touch control you can control and activate all functions with that gentle touch. You can play, pause , increase or decrease volume, toggle between next and previous song, answer or hold calls and so on.

At last, I must say it was perfect choice for me as gift to my nephew. What you have to say about it, share your take with us.

Muzili A3 Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Earbuds has all features and protection against water and sweat. Therefore, it needs a special mention the league of Best Top 8 Bluetooth Earbuds in Indi 2020.

8. Ant Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Built-in MIC

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  • Superb sound quality and great bass
  • Water and sweat proof
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Very fast transmission speed
  • Very clear voice on calling
  • Portable charging case
  • Good design and comfortable fit
  • Perfect, fast and stress free pairing


In a series of Best top 8 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, we have talked a lot about many of them in above paragraph. In this paragraph we will be talking about Ant Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Built-in MIC.

The Ant Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Built-in MIC delivers superb sound quality with amazing bass. Music lovers, get ready to get the great music thumping in your ear. I am you will not miss it!

The Bluetooth earbuds comes with latest Bluetooth technology, BT5.0. It covers the transmission range of 15m with high speed. Therefore, listener, you will not get disappointed because of wireless connectivity snag. There is no loss of sound or its quality in the transmission. That’s really lovely! Isn’t it?

The application of IPX5 technology acts as a protective shield for the device against water and sweat. So, stay care free while working out, jogging, running that may induce intense sweating. You need not worry that water may penetrate the earbuds and it would get damaged. There is waterproof technology with it.

You have a portable charging case that supports up to 10 hours of music play time with it.  I especially found it very useful when traveling because I can recharge my earbuds on the go. The device is designed to it user’s ear with comfort. The fitting of the earbuds very precise. You really don’t need to worry of getting it detached during workout or sports activity.

You will feel the actual comfort when you keep it wearing for long time. The pairing of the Bluetooth device is very fast with other Bluetooth enable devices. The flash light in the earbud indicates the device synched with your smartphone and ready to pair.

Overall, Ant Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Built-in MIC is a decent wireless earbuds. It has good sound quality and beautifully designed for perfect fit and comfortable wear. Since it has IPX5 water resistant technology, you really don’t need to worry for the earbuds being damaged because of water penetration.

Our Take : feels it is good product but average power backup as compared to other few similar devices. But, one can enjoy quality music sound without investing heavily on the earphones. In terms of style, it’s a good fit for generation Y. So you may go ahead and make you style statement.


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